Our new generation of water whirlers

Uncompromising in design and function

We are always striving to further develop our products and their quality.

We have been working on the revision of the water whirlers since 2020.

And now the new generation of water whirlers is available!

The main focus of the VITA.Titan and the MODUL.system was on improving the water pattern.

We now also use the CHAKRA.Set's post-swirl chamber (bell) for the VITA.Titan and the MODUL.system,
, as most customers say it creates the most beautiful water image.

The result is a homogeneous and even water jet!




The new ECO.Titan is now in two parts so that 1. the water whirler can be cleaned from the inside and 2. so that the aerator can be changed more easily.

In addition, the air supply for the swirl chamber was relocated to the water outlet directly behind the aerator so that no more water drops can escape via the air supply.


Last but not least, the CHAKRA.set was also revised.

We will use a more resistant plastic for the seals in the new version.


The inner proven design has otherwise been retained 1:1 in all water whirlers!!!!

Have fun with the new generation of our water whirlers!