General notes on the problem of limescale 

Lime occurs in regionally varying forms and quantities. In the whirling process the molecular structure of the lime is changed so that crystalline lime deposits are greatly reduced. You will also notice this in the reduced maintenance required for tiles and fittings. And yet it can happen that, in the case of extremely stubborn lime in the water, traces of lime deposits accumulate at the outlet of the vortex chamber after some time.

Our recommendation: Dry your shower with a towel after showering. If limescale residue has nevertheless formed, place the shower or whirler in a lactic acid-based limescale cleaner solution. We recommend a concentrate of the company "ULRICH natürlich". This natural cleaning agent is also very suitable for the care of your bathroom and sanitary facilities. Try it out - you will be delighted.

Application: Dilute descaler concentrate in a ratio of up to 1:3 with warm water and place the product in the solution for approx. 10 minutes. If not all lime deposits have been removed, repeat the process. Then rinse well and screw on again.

The descaler gently removes limescale deposits from whirlpools and showers while being gentle and economical. It consists of pure dextrorotatory lactic acid, which is biodegradable and not harmful to water. The decalcifier can be diluted with water up to 1:5, whereby heating increases the effect even more.
Please observe the descaling instructions of the appliance manufacturer. Suitable for vegans.

Packaging size: 1 l bottle - to be ordered by eMail

* = best possible rating in the Ökotest special issues on ecological laundry and ecological cleaning cabinets

ULRICH Antikalkspray gently removes limescale deposits on

  • all drinking water whirlers and vitality showers from CARAT AQUA plus V. u. H.
  • Tiles, fittings, shower enclosures, baths and washbasins

Not suitable for acid-sensitive materials such as marble, enamel and aluminium!

Contains fat and dirt dissolving raw materials from coconut and palm kernel oil, lactic acid, alcohol, detergent substances (suitable for vegans)

application: Spray on, leave to act briefly, rinse with clear water or wipe off