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The new ECO.Titan+

Completely redesigned and improved design optimized vortex experience!

The ECO.Titan is the entry into the vortex technology of CARAT Aqua plus V. u. H. GmbH

Its design, proven over many years, has been tested many times and delivers a noticeable water optimisation. Now the ECO.Titan has been redesigned! With its simple, compact design, the ECO.Titan+ is an attractive addition to any kitchen or water filter.

Small and fine - the ECO.Titan+
The ECO.Titan+ effects with its cylindrical swirl chamber architecture:

  • a reduction of the water clusters
  • an oxygen input into the water for energy enrichment
  • frees the water from gases bound in the water
  • the water becomes more soluble and flowable
  • the quality of drinking water is noticeably improved

Product data sheet: ECO.Titan DE

Product data sheet: ECO.Titan FR

the royal class of water whirlers

The MODUL.System.Titan from CARAT Aqua plus V. u. H. GmbH represents the royal class of water vortexes with multiple vortexing. If several vortex modules are connected in series, the oscillation field continues to build up from vortex stage to vortex stage.

With each added Vortex module the water becomes more energetic, because the vibrations increase and intensify more and more.

Anyone who drinks water that has been swirled several times and compares it with simple water from the same tap will be surprised. The swirled water is noticeably fresher, more energetic and softer in taste.

The MODUL.System.Titan inspires and fascinates with every sip of water drunk.

The MODUL.System.Titan can be expanded as desired with individual vortex modules. From many years of practical experience, we recommend a system with 5 vortex stages, the MODUL.System 5.Titan.

The MODUL.System 1.Titan also allows smaller vortex systems and can be extended step by step to the desired number of vortex stages.

The final part of a MODUL.System Titan is the after-vortex module. A"Nexus pin" made of fine silver or a precious stone can also be inserted in it.


can be extended as required

Product data sheet: MODUL.System Titan DE

Product data sheet: MODUL.System Titan FR


a feast for the eyes as well

Full of love for detail - the VITA.Titan+

The VITA.Titan+ with its optimized vortex chamber architecture causes a higher flow velocity of the water in the micro-vortex range. The structures in the water are dissolved more finely in relation to the ECO.Titan+. The water tastes even fresher and softer due to the improved vortex geometries. In addition, a "nexus pin" made of fine silver or a gemstone can be inserted in the unscrewable post-vortex chamber.

The more elaborate internal construction is continued in the attractive, flowing design. The VITA.Titan+ is therefore also a pleasure for the eyes.


The VITA.Titan+ with its sophisticated swirl chamber architecture achieves

  • a dissolution of the water clusters
  • an oxygen input into the water for energy enrichment
  • a change in the lime molecular structure
  • frees the water from gases bound in the water
  • the water becomes more soluble and flowable
  • the quality of drinking water is noticeably improved
  • it tastes fresh, is noticeably softer and easy to drink
  • stimulates metabolism and circulation
  • soothes stomach and intestines
  • the ph-value is shifted towards the basic direction

Product data sheet: VITA.Titan DE

Product data sheet: VITA.Titan FR

The Chakra.Set Titan -
a unique therapeutic instrument

The architecture of the Chakra Whirlers is based on the numerical qualities and physical natural constants of Sacred Geometry. The water goes into resonance with the vibration implied by the architecture. The respective chakra whirling stage brings the vibration and thus the active principle of the respective chakra into the water. Because the water is informed with the working principle, it can pass on this information to the "body water".

The Chakra.Set can be used as a therapeutic tool in subtle energy medicine. In energy medicine, the fields, channels and bodies of the subtle anatomy are examined in order to holistically and accurately diagnose potential problems and problems that already show themselves in symptoms. If a problem can be solved within the subtle structures, the subtle system can communicate this solution to the whole body - subtle and physical.

Chakra.Set Titan

the therapeutic instrument

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Product Data Sheet: Chakra.Set EN

Product Data Sheet: Chakra.Set FR

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