Mode of operation: The horny lipids contained in the horny layer of the skin, especially ceramides and the hydrolipid film (including its acid mantle) are not abraded by mechanical stress. The micro cracks which are anyway numerous in the skin of the neurodermatitis sufferer are not further affected but get the chance to heal. The development of new micro cracks in the sensitive skin is prevented. Magic7 Titan thus promotes the integrity of the horny layer and hydrolipid film and thus an improved barrier function of the skin. Atopic skin is thus given the opportunity to regenerate. Accordingly, the results of the study carried out with neurodermatitis sufferers show that the use of Magic7 Titan leads to an improved skin appearance, less redness and reduced itching and thus contributes to a general improvement in atopic dermatitis. The mode of action of Magic7 Titan is based on the following principle: While conventional shower heads - even in the soft setting - generate a shower jet, the patented micronizing nozzles of Magic7 Titan generate an extremely fine spray mist. This spray mist consists of such small droplets that are barely perceptible on the skin that Magic7 Titan - in comparison to conventional shower heads - reaches an Wasseroberfläche that is up to 25 times larger for the same amount of water and reduces the force effect on the skin accordingly. The atopic skin is therefore not exposed to any relevant mechanical stress compared to a normal shower jet. The extremely gentle way of showering with Magic7 Titan has the following positive effects for a neurodermatitis patient.