CARAT Aqua plus offers worldwide exclusively the ANTILegionell®
equipment for shower heads, which can be made
of microorganisms (bacteria, legionella, germs and fungi)
is reliably prevented. Likewise, such a
ANTILegionell®equipment for the shower hose for
CARAT Aqua plus can be ordered.




Prevention of the germination of micro-organisms in the shower head through the oligodynamic effect of silver, i.e. silver ions are released and are effective in the smallest quantities.

The different voltage series of the various high-quality metals used additionally supports the prevention of germination.

Mode of operation as a graphic:


Unscrew your shower head from the water hose.

Push the ANTILegionell® into the water hose as shown in the picture.

The golden end hook should be hooked into the rubber ring so that you can pull the ANTILegionell® out of the water hose again.

Screw your shower head back onto the water hose.